Patek Philippe

 Patek Philippe, what there is to know about this timepiece?.

This is an extremely fine, high-end, super expensive timepiece. However, there are plenty of cheaper options that look like the real deal. Its 41mm case fully engraved with diamonds make it irresistible, this is a piece you will not be able to stop admiring. Even with the corner of your eye you will be watching those beautiful diamond sparks. Mark my words.

There is not much to say about bust down pattek philippe, let’s check some images and videos instead, im sure you are going to enjoy this a lot.

Patek Philipe Best Models

There are a couple of good models from patek that i would like to highlight here, but the only one that was bold enough to go iced out was the Nautilus. Anyhow, the other models are pretty cool, though. Let’s take a look at those models.

Also, there is a lot of information about this company on Wikipedia, i leave you here the link to patek Philippe wikipedia profile

Best bust down watches

There is a lot of different bust down watches out there, but you don’t need diamonds by raymond lee or rolex daytona ceramic, right? Because if you are here our probably want to know more about the best bust down watches out there.

Well, let me tell you what. There are plenty of expensive and not expensive options to chose from. Some of these are really cool options that look extremely expensive but they are actually affordable by you and me.

Lets start with a humble list:

First of all, there is the Case Size

  • 26MM
  • 31MM
  • 36MM
  • 40MM
  • 41MM
  • 42MM
  • 44MM

And of course the Brand:

  • Rolex
  • Patek Philippe
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Bustdowns
  • Hublot
  • Cartier
  • Plain Rolex

During the next days, we will be adding the best choices for each of these options for you.

Ice Age of Watches: 4 Bust Down Watch Masterpieces & the Future of the Trend

Most of the time these watches are custom bust down and this means that they are not fully diamond engraved from fabric.

There are highly skilled master diamond setter on staff that will customize your watch in order to get it fully iced out. This is an extremely expensive and delicate process.

Let’s adress some of the most common questions about this practice.

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What is a Plain Jane Watch?

How are Bust Down Watches made?

Can you put diamonds in stainless steel?

Do Bust Down Watches work?

Do Bust Down Watches lose value?

Are Bust Down Watches Popular?

Are Bussdown Watches Going Out of Style?

Should you buy a Bust Down Watch?

Why Bust Down Watches and not Factory Set?

Are Diamonds By Raymond Lee Bust Down Watches real?