This is a huge subject, seriously. We will try to focus on iced out timepieces but there is a lot to know about these babies. And there are plenty of brands out there worth the money. Some of them are cheap options but good options anyway. I could name now from the top of my head, watches, spinnaker watches, jack mason, cubit watch, xeric evergraph, avi8 flyboy, Earnshaw Bauer, and many many more.

Options are endless, therefore let’s focus on our main iced out models because not all of the brands out there do have iced out models.

So, what is a  buss down watch? it’s the same as a bust down? we’ll see. There are many ways to say iced out watch, however, we are going to enumerate the most important/common so you know what you are talking about

‘Bust down’ or ‘buss down’ Watches

Which one is correct? both.

There is more than one way to call this kind of watches, you have for example buss down, bustdown or bust down. This is just an iced out watch that could be full of diamonds, lab diamonds (also known as CZ or Cubic Zirconia) Most common models and brands are Patek Philippe
and Rolex. Let’s talk about these two guys in depth.

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