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NBA YoungBoy Says He Wants to Marry Doja Cat

NBA YoungBoy and Doja Cat

YoungBoy Never Broke Again wants to put a ring on Doja Cat.

The Baton Rouge rapper, who was recently released from jail, revealed that he has a crush on the “Kiss Me More” hitmaker and would be first in line to marry her.

“If I ain’t have a family, if I ain’t have a girl, I’d be tryna marry Doja Cat,” he said during a Clubhouse chat with fans.

However, he is not about to make a move because he is already in a relationship with the mother of one of his eight children. “But nah. I got my little girl, her mom upstairs. I ain’t fu**in’ around like this,” said YoungBoy.

When asked what he likes about Doja, he responded, “She makin’ her own way out here… She hot.”

During his Clubhouse appearance, he also reacted to the recent deaths of Virgil Abloh and Young Dolph. “You know, that’s really not a bad thing though,” he said. “The only sad part is you can’t carry on with your life or just be there for your family, but you know, that’s not really a bad thing. You changing form. You going to the next chapter.”

After spending seven months in jail in his federal gun case, the 22-year-old MC was released in late October on $500,000 bond. He currently remains under home confinement in Utah.

YoungBoy recently earned his first Grammy nomination for Best Melodic rap Performance for “WUSYANAME,” his collaboration with Tyler, the Creator. On Friday, he and Birdman are set to drop their joint mixtape, From Tha Bayou.

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Rico Nasty Says She Wants to Die in Reaction to Playboi Carti Fans

Rico Nasty
Y’all Win, Wish I Was Dead Too …
Reacts to Playboi Carti Fans

11/28/2021 12:03 PM PT

Rico Nasty is going through a very tough time on tour with Playboi Carti — and it seems his fans have forced her to contemplate ending her life … which is sounding an alarm.

The rapper posted some troubling messages over the weekend, giving insight into her mindset in the middle of this Narcissist Tour … and it looks bleak.

One tweet reads, “Crazy how I wanted a tour bus my whole life and now I just be on the tour bus crying myself to sleep every night.” She adds, “I dead ass need at least two hours out of each day. To just cry.”

Further tweets were even more upsetting … she wrote, “Y’all win,” following up with, “I wish I was dead just as much as y’all do trust me.”

She has since deleted these, but fans captured them and were clearly disturbed and worried about her mental health … which appears to be in bad shape at the moment. Of course, folks who’ve been following Rico’s journey of late know she’s been dealing with a lot of BS.

We’re referring to at least two separate incidents over the past month and change while she’s been on the road with Carti, acting as his opener … both of which were pretty ugly.

In one instance earlier this month, Rico was loudly booed during a stop in L.A. as she tried to take the stage before Carti … and things got combative quickly. She was cursing at the concertgoers, trying to perform, but they just weren’t receptive to her at all.

About a week or so later in Portland … somebody actually threw a water bottle at her while she was rapping, and it led to a would-be rushing of the fans.

Someone threw a bottle at Rico Nasty tonight during Playboi Carti’s ‘NARCISSIST’ tour show in Portland and she jumped into the crowd to fight them 😂🤦‍♂️

— STRAPPED! | Hip-Hop/rap News (@STRAPPEDUS) November 14, 2021

Rico jumped down from the stage and tried going over the barricades, before security stepped in. People say she’s been dealing with this type of harassment (and more) during the entirety of the tour … and we can only imagine what she’s been dealing with online and elsewhere.

Many are calling on Carti to publicly disavow his fans who may be perpetuating this toxic environment — arguing it’d go a long way from him. However, so far … he’s been silent.

Unclear what he might or might not be doing behind the scenes, but it’s clearly not enough.

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Saweetie Says She Wants a Baby


Saweetie has baby on the brain.

Hot off her “SNL” performance, the 28-year-old rapper stopped by Power 105.1’s Powerhouse in New York City where she revealed that’s ready to become a mom.

“I want a baby,” she told a reporter backstage at the concert, where she also performed.

But she’s not currently in a relationship. “I don’t have a man… I’m just ready,” she said. “I’m getting older and I want a baby. I want to pop that sh*t out and I want to snap right back.”

When it comes to a partner, Quavo’s ex says communication is key. “We gotta find the right man who knows how to fu**ing communicate,” said Saweetie.

Before she welcomes a baby, she is set to deliver her long-awaited debut album Pretty Bitch music. “It’s almost done,” she said. “We’re tryna curate something really special. Like this is my coming out, I take it very serious.”

On Friday, she dropped her new single “Icy Chain,” the first release from her upcoming project Icy Season, due this winter.

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Slowthai wants to collaborate with Dizzee Rascal

The 26-year-old rapper has revealed the ‘Bonkers’ hitmaker is at the top of his list of fellow rap stars he’d love to team up with on a track.

Speaking to DJ Semtex on his ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ podcast, the ‘My High’ star said: “I want to do something with Dizzee but like it’s got to be the right man I don’t know you know what I’m saying? I think I need to be in the room with him and like just bounce off each other work…”

Semtex replied: “Yeah because you two would get on.”

To which, slowthai responded: “Yeah it’ll happen man, it’ll happen! We got to link up anyway even not on a music thing, just a normal innit.”

Slowthai also spoke about being signed by megastar A$AP Rocky’s label AWGE and how the ‘Praise the Lord’ hitmaker would come to his shows without anyone knowing.

He recalled: “He’d (Rocky) come to shows like he had been, he told me recently he’d been coming without it being known like he’d be at the back, and like I think Virgil was one of the first people. He’s like a tastemaker and all this you know what I’m saying? So he was like saying, ‘Yo, this kid’s hard’, and then when you link up with Rocky he’s just like real man. I think when someone’s real with you, you can only be real with them and then from that, like people who are real can sense when someone’s a bull******* you know, what I’m saying? So I was just myself and man f***** with it. If he didn’t f***with it I’ll just keep doing my thing regardless. It didn’t matter if it was him, it could have been f****** P Diddy. He could be like, ‘Yo like ten bills man it’s whatever’. Until it’s like a real thing what the f*** does it matter bruv, just be cool I like your music, you like mine boom we either link up and make something, and if we don’t make something it’s bless bro we linked up, that’s it! I just keep it friendship man.”

The full interview with slowthai is available on the latest episode of DJ Semtex’s ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ podcast, out now on all major podcasting platforms.

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