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Hunters and trappers blow past Wisconsin’s wolf kill target

MADISON, Wis. — Hunters and trappers blew past Wisconsin’s wolf kill target in less than 72 hours, forcing a premature end to a hunt that initially wasn’t supposed to happen for another nine months and raising the ire of animal rights activists.

MADISON, Wis. — Hunters and trappers blew past Wisconsin’s wolf kill target in less than 72 hours, forcing a premature end to a hunt that initially wasn’t supposed to happen for another nine months and raising the ire of animal rights activists.

The Department of Natural Resources closed the season Wednesday afternoon after hunters and trappers had killed 178 wolves, which was 59 more than the state’s target of 119. Hunters and trappers exceeded their target in all six of the state’s management zones.

The agency estimated that about 1,000 wolves roamed the state before the hunt began. The department’s population goal is 350.

The season began Monday and had been scheduled to run through Sunday. DNR officials announced Tuesday that the hunt would end Wednesday afternoon because so many animals had been killed in the first two days.

The wolf season has been one of the most contentious outdoors issues that Wisconsin has grappled with in the last 20 years.

Animal rights advocates have argued that wolf populations are too small to support hunting and that the animals are too majestic to kill. Farmers and rural residents, though, say wolves are killing their livestock and pets.

Wisconsin law hands wolf hunters and trappers significant advantages during the season. Unlike with deer hunting, wolf hunters and trappers can operate at night and use dogs to corner wolves. Snow cover also aids tracking.

Wayne Pacelle, president of animal rights group Animal Wellness Action, said in a statement Wednesday that killed Wisconsin wolves didn’t stand a chance.

“Traps are set like landmines for unsuspecting animals and the hunters are deep into the woods and out of the range of communication, and they can easily claim they didn’t get the ‘stop the hunt’ notice before they killed their wolf,” he said.

Collette Adkins, carnivore conservation director for the Center for Biological Diversity, an Arizona-based non-profit that works to protect endangered species, issued a statement calling the Wisconsin hunt “a reckless slaughter.”

Hunters and trappers exceeded the state’s kill target during Wisconsin’s 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons, which were held before the wolf was placed back on the federal endangered species list.

Wisconsin law requires the DNR to give 24-hour notice of wolf hunting zone closures, which means hunters and trappers can keep killing wolves for another day after a closure is announced. If they kill a wolf after the zone is closed, they would face a $330 fine.

The DNR announced on Tuesday that three zones would close at 10 a.m. Wednesday and the remaining three would close at 3 p.m.

The Trump administration removed federal protections for wolves in January, returning management to the states. Wisconsin law requires the DNR to hold an annual hunt between November and February. The department was preparing for a November hunt when Republican lawmakers demanded the season start before the end of February, saying they were worried the Biden administration might re-list wolves before November and deny Wisconsin hunters a season.

The DNR resisted, but hunter advocacy group Hunter Nation won a court order earlier this month that forced the immediate launch of a wolf hunting season.

The DNR still plans to hold a November wolf hunting season.

Keith Warnke, the department’s fish, wildlife and parks administrator, told the agency’s policy board during a meeting Wednesday that hunters had exceeded the limit.

None of the board members expressed any reaction to the news. The board’s chairman, Fred Prehn, said the target was too low given the population goal of 350 wolves and that the November target should be set to get closer to that goal.

Warnke said he didn’t know if that would be safe for the overall population, but that the department would use that 350-animal goal to inform its decisions. He said new population estimates are expected in April.

Lawmakers in neighbouring Minnesota have introduced dueling bills that would ban wolf hunting and establish a season.


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Bobby Shmurda’s Case Exemplified How Hip-Hop Is Persecuted in the US

Today, on February 23, Ackquille Jean Pollard, AKA Bobby Shmurda, was freed from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. His release comes ten months ahead of his originally scheduled release date, on account of good behavior. Pollard spent the last six years behind bars following a whirlwind 2014, when the rapper—on the heels of releasing the most inescapable song in the country—was arrested on charges of conspiracy and weapons possession. The state held him on $2 million bail. Shmurda, a rising star in hip-hop, was 22 years old when he took his guilty plea.

He was seen exiting a private jet accompanied by Quavo of the Migos fame, who told Billboard that he’d be personally picking up Shmurda upon his release. 

In an Instagram post where she is seen FaceTiming with her son, Shmurda’s mother, Leslie Pollard, counted the time that had passed since his incarceration: six years, two months, five days, and five and a half hours. He will be on parole until February 2026.  

NPR’s Louder Than a Riot podcast produced a three-part series on Bobby Shmurda, detailing his rise, his record deal, and the NYPD’s aggressive pursuit of Shmurda and the GS9 crew, which the NYPD described as a violent criminal organization. It also chronicled how Epic Records declined to post bail for Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel, Shmurda’s co-defendant and musical collaborator, after they were arrested. 

Rowdy Rebel was released from prison last December and has already released new music with Nav and Funkmaster Flex. Back in 2016, Shmurda accepted a plea deal so that Rebel would receive a more lenient sentence. 

“That’s how America is,” Shmurda told Complex in 2016. “They got these kids running around with rape charges getting six months and they wanna give me seven years for a gun charge.” Both Shmurda and Rebel were understanding of their record label not bailing them out. “The situation with Epic is the reality: We made our own bed and got to lay in it,” Rebel said to Complex. 

Bobby Shmurda’s situation, in many ways, was a story of the times and what would follow, in both the music industry and the justice system. He got a major deal on the back of a hit song and a dance popularized on Vine, a formula that record labels have continued to chase with TikTok today. Shmurda’s case also illustrated the extent to which the artform of hip-hop itself has become a target for law enforcement in some cities.

“The investigation and prosecution of Bobby Shmurda was really a landmark case,” John Hamasaki said. Hamasaki is a criminal defense lawyer based in Northern California who recently represented Drakeo the Ruler. “We saw all of the elements of the prosecution of hip-hop come together. And if you look back to some of the initial statements from the police, even they were very straight-up that they believed his lyrics were true, and [that] because he was rapping about things he must be doing them.”

In 2014, then NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton, referring to Shmurda’s case, said, “This gang, the ‘G Stone Crips’ or GS9 as they call themselves, has gloated about murder shootings and drug dealing with YouTube videos and vile dance moves.” In 2015, the New Yorker reported that NYPD officer James Essig had said Shmurda’s music was “almost like a real-life document of what they were doing on the street.”

The phenomenon of law enforcement using lyrics in criminal cases is nothing new. “NYPD has had a long history of targeting the hip hop community,” Hamasaki said. “That’s something that we’ve seen across the nation, in California, where these cops are listening to the music and looking at people’s social media, and trying to draw connections that end up criminalizing young black men,” Hamasaki said. 

Many fans have been awaiting Shmurda’s return to Brooklyn, but according to a 2018 interview with NPR, he does not plan to stay there. He will also be taking additional precautions for his safety. “I gotta get security when I go home this time, I know that,” Pollard said. He added that he’d be instructing his non-violating friends to get firearms licenses, “because nobody wants police as security.” 


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Trump’s pardon of Lil’ Wayne said to be the breaking point for QAnon Shaman in new court documents filled with bizarre anecdotes

  • The “QAnon Shaman” requested pretrial release after weeks in solitary confinement, court records say.
  • Counsel for Jacob Chansley said he’d had “significant digestive tract issues” since being jailed.
  • The pretrial-release motion was transparent in its blame of former President Donald Trump.
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The “QAnon Shaman” is a published author. You can buy his books on Amazon.

He has been known to “capture and release” insects rather than kill them.

And he reflected on his life choices when President Donald Trump pardoned the rapper Lil Wayne last month.

These bizarre anecdotes are in court documents filed on Tuesday by counsel for the QAnon Shaman, Jacob Anthony Chansley, seeking a pretrial release.

Adorned with horns, a headdress, and face paint, Chansley became one of the most recognizable rioters at the Capitol on January 6. He was photographed with his bullhorn and flagpole throughout the building that day.

He was arrested three days later in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, and charged with two felonies and four misdemeanors. While many of the people charged in the riot have been granted pretrial release, Chansley has remained in federal facilities since his arrest, court records say.

COVID-19 restrictions have relegated Chansley to solitary confinement for the entirety of his detainment, according to his lawyer, Al Watkins.

Earlier this month, Chansley made headlines when his attorney said he’d lost 20 pounds and hadn’t eaten in a week because his religious beliefs prohibited him from eating nonorganic food and the jail wasn’t serving organic food.

In a video court hearing, Chansley told a judge that his body suffered when he ate food that was not “made by God.” A federal judge eventually ordered the Washington, DC, jail to feed Chansley an organic diet.

But even with the accommodations, Watkins said in the court documents filed Tuesday, Chansley has suffered “significant digestive tract issues for which medical consultation has been sought,” though Watkins added that Chansley was appreciative of efforts to meet his dietary needs.

Chansley’s “longstanding status as a practicing Shaman precludes him” from receiving any vaccinations, including the COVID-19 shot, Watkins said, adding that the pandemic had made “meaningful, un-monitored” communication between Chansley and his counsel “impossible.”

Watkins said that these facts alone should make Chansley eligible for temporary release, though the attorney offered additional arguments, emphasizing Chansley’s cooperation during the initial investigation.

The court documents said Chansley returned home to Phoenix on January 7 and was advised that the FBI wanted to talk to him. Watkins said Chansley was “immediately and fully forthcoming” and identified himself in pictures from the riot.

Chansley even allowed officials to inspect his car, which at the time housed his horns, the documents said. “He did so possessed of the genuine belief he had done nothing wrong,” Watkins wrote.

During Chansley’s detention hearing, officials argued that he was dangerous, highlighting the “spear” he was seen holding in photos from the insurrection.

The court documents spent a considerable amount of space detailing the government’s characterization of what Chansley was holding. Watkins argued that it was a flagpole adorned with a finial, an ornament at the top, that “dates to the Native Americans, a fact consistent with the Shamanic faith of the Defendant.”

q shaman qanon viking

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Watkins argued that similar flagpoles in government buildings around the country “give rise to the inevitable conclusion that the Government must not be too concerned that a member of the public will use the flagpole with an eagle or a spear finial as a weapon, otherwise they would not employ same across the country in Federal Government Buildings.”

In the weeks since the insurrection, Chansley has been an outspoken critic of Trump, and the release motion was transparent in blaming Trump for inciting the mob.

Chansley twice offered to testify against the former president in his impeachment trial.

“But for the actions and the words of the President, [Chansley] would not have appeared in Washington, DC to support the President, and, but for the specific words of the then-President during his January 6 2021 speech, the Defendant would not have walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and would not have gone into the U.S. Capitol,” the motion said.

Some additional findings in the 74-page pretrial-release motion:

  • Chansley, through Watkins, had asked Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, for a presidential pardon but was not granted one. When Trump pardoned Lil Wayne, Chansley “was compelled to reconcile his prior faith in former President Trump with the actions and words of President Trump.”
  • Chansley has self-published two books. (Watkins included their Amazon information pages.) Watkins described them as “one fiction and one being what might best be described as misguided musings.”
  • Chansley left a note for Vice President Mike Pence in the Capitol that said “it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.” Watkins argued that those words came directly from Trump and weren’t meant as a threat to Pence.
  • Watkins said Chansley wanted it noted that he received a speeding ticket in Oklahoma while he was returning to Arizona but had been unable to address it “by virtue of his incarceration.”

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‘SNL’ To Return From Hiatus Next Month With Maya Rudolph As Host

Saturday Night Live will return to live shows on March 27 with Maya Rudolph as host and rapper Jack Harlow as musical guest, the NBC late-night show revealed tonight.

Rudolph was a castmember on the show from 2000-2007, but has made plenty of return trips since – including this past election season when she played now-Vice President Kamala Harris.

SNL returned from it’s winter hiatus January 30 with five consecutive episodes, a string that wrapped tonight with Nick Jonas as host and musical guest.

The current season has seen Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Issa Rae, John Mulaney, Dave Chappelle, Jason Bateman, Timothée Chalamet, Kristen Wiig, John Krasinski, Dan Levy, Regina King and Regé-Jean Page as hosts.

Harlow had a hit single last year with “Whats Poppin,” and his debut album, Thats What They All Say, was released in December.

See you in March!

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) February 28, 2021

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Watch: Post Malone headlines Pokemon Day virtual concert Saturday

Feb. 27 was Pokemon Day, marking 25 years since Pokemon Red and Green came out in Japan, and rapper Post Malone is headlined a virtual concert to mark the anniversary. It’s embedded above and we got a sneak preview Thursday, with Malone’s cover of Hootie and the Blowfish’s ’90s classic Only Wanna Be With You.

If YouTube isn’t your first choice of virtual concert venue, the gig will also be livestreamed on Twitch. The official Pokemon site will show the gig as well. Katy Perry will join another “P25” musical event.

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The Pokemon Company also revealed some major new games for Nintendo Switch in a livestream Friday: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming out later this year, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus arrives in early 2022. New Pokemon Snap, which comes out April 30, got a fresh trailer as well.

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Facebook’s latest experimental app BARS is made for amateur rappers

NPE Team, Facebook’s internal group for experimental apps, has released a new product called BARS. The social media platform is similar to TikTok, but with a niche userbase: amateur rappers. With BARS, anyone can create rap songs using tools like beats, autotune, and more, then share the content with others.

According to the app’s description, BARS will enable users to create ‘high-quality rap in a fun and easy way.’ The app doesn’t require formal experience in the genre, the NPE Team explains, instead providing the tools users need to create their content and share it with listeners.

The app includes both audio and video effects, enabling users to record themselves performing their content. Users can create their own lyrics and pair them with beats provided by BARS; the app includes a ‘rhyming dictionary’ to help users craft their perfect song.

In addition, BARS features a Challenge Mode for freestyling based on the automatically suggested word cues, adding an element of gamification while giving users a way to showcase their skills. As is the nature of these short-form video services, users are limited to videos up to one minute in length.

The videos can be saved to the user’s camera roll for distribution on other platforms. Whether such a niche product will find a solid userbase in a market packed with TikTok-like apps remains to be seen. BARS is in closed beta at this point; iPhone users can download the app now to reserve their username and get put on the waitlist for access.

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Groove to VStheWORLDD’s Latest Banger ‘Aquafina’ that Works to Offer Hope and Good Vibes to the Humanity

South Bronx hip hop artist VStheWORLDD takes an invincible approach to share his story and flourishes with his latest single ‘Aquafina’, filled with raw melodies.

New York City, New York Feb 26, 2021 (  – Some artists aspire to rule the music realm whereas there are very few who progress with the pure intention of establishing hope in the listener’s heart with their compositions. Even though the genre is flowing with the contribution of both kinds, but the year 2021 seems to have other plans with artist VStheWORLDD making a hardcore entry into space with his much realistic soundtracks. The South Bronx hip hop artist VStheWORLDD hones a completely new style and creates music based on real experiences. His inventiveness is well reflected in the kind of fan base the rapper already nurtures.

Over the past few years, the artist has proved himself to be the tour guide of the underground New York City Hip Hop realm and has received great appreciation from the audience for his profound skill set. It seems almost natural for the artist to rap without hesitation. The artist is a legitimate star who makes music that easily finds its way to reach thousands of ears. On his latest singleAquafina, the rapper has incorporated some unheard sonic rap elements that prove he is the one to introduce a change. Filled with endless punches and hooks, the song focuses on the artist’s life story as he honestly yet powerfully shares his story to the world. The rapper’s nonchalant and low-key delivery makes the production even more hard-hitting and the accompanying strategic beat arrangement grows more appealing with every listen.

Coming from NY, VStheWORLDD has built the soundscape ‘Aquafina’ under the label Product of hope and shows the fine balance between good and evil with his thoughtful songwriting. The solo artist proclaims that he is a product of hope rather than being a product of the cruel society. Even though he comes from a rough background, but his music is a clear reflection of his authentic self. Follow him on SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Listen to this track ‘Aquafina’, check out the given below link:

Media Contact

music Promotion Club

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“The Name Dropping Kings”


A fan has applaud Ghanaian rapper Yaa Pono with his style of approach when it comes to dissing colleague rappers comparing him to American rapper Eminem.


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The fan said as most musicians will throw subliminal shots at other colleague musicians, Yaa Pono and Eminem will just go ahead and drop your when dissing you.

This comes as a reaction to the rapper’s diss song he released this morning titled ‘Facts’ where he mentioned names like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Samini and continued to diss them as well.

The fan tweeted” The Name dropping Kings. They don’t throw subliminal shots, they’ll name drop you and you can do nothing about it.@ponobiom@Eminem

READ MORE: Phrimpong Set To Drop ‘That Line’ In Response To Yaa Pono’s Alleged Diss To Kumasi Rappers




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Shruti Haasan’s romantic meet with boyfriend in Chennai

It was revealed recently that actress Shruti Haasan is dating an art illustrator and rapper named Santanu Hazarika hailing from Guwahati. Of late, Shrutu has been sharing photos of herself with Santanu on her Instagram stories which have turned viral.

Now, Shruti has shared few photos of herself hugging Santanu on her Instagram story, and has captioned the photos Chennai chilling scenes, indicating that Santanu has come to Chennai to meet Shruti Haasan.

In recent times there were instances of Shruti Haasan catching up with her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika at Mumbai, and followed by Santanu coming to airport to give her a sendoff. It was on the recent birthday of Shruti Haasan that it was revealed about Santanu.

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Facebook BARS App Is Custom-Made For Rappers; Can It Take On TikTok?


Facebook is upping the competition with TikTok with its new app offering. The Facebook BARS app is the latest venture, custom-made for rappers. The app allows budding rappers to use the platform to create and share raps with the built-in tools, even if they don’t have any formal rap experience.

Facebook BARS App Is Custom-Made For Rappers

Facebook BARS App Introduced

The new Facebook BARS app comes from the Facebook New Product Experimentation (NPE) team and is currently in closed beta testing. The venture was initiated during the coronavirus outbreak, and is one of the reasons for bringing it out, says BARS app Community Manager, DJ Iyer.

DJ Iyer, who is also a hip-hop songwriter and ghostwriter under the alias D-Lucks said: “On top of that, the global pandemic shut down live performances where we often create and share our work. So, along with a group of aspiring rappers, we’ve been building BARS: a place for aspiring rappers to create and share their art.”

Facebook BARS App Features

The first and most distinct feature of the Facebook BARS app is its specificity. Unlike short video apps like TikTok, BARS is custom-made keeping rappers in mind. The app offers pre-recorded beats that can make words into a rap song. Users also get rhyme and rhythmic dictionaries to keep their flow going.

Users can explore features like Challenge mode, audio and visual filters, Clean, AutoTune, Imaginary Friends, and AM Radio, and so on. Once you’re done with your rap video, you can save it on your Camera Roll and share it on social media platforms.

Facebook BARS App: Can It Take On TikTok?

TikTok has been famous for a while now, and Facebook has been trying to up the competition with features like Instagram Reels, Collab, and so on. The latest venture – the Facebook BARS app seems to be unique and could attract users with it. It remains to see how well it fares in the market.

For now, the Facebook BARS app is available only in the US as part of the beta. Selected iPhone users in the US can download it from the US App Store and can also sign up on the waitlist.

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