Iced Out Rings

Let’s talk about Iced Out rings…

This are the questions that you’ll see more often:

iced out rings for sale?

This one is easy to answer as there are many many sites that offer rings but none of them actually offer a final price, most sites have their normal price strikethrough and an actual price that is Allegedly a price after a discount, which usually is not real and the real price is the one that you are seeing, another “clever” marketing strategy, right?

So, doing a simple research i was able to found that people is looking for iced out rings for your pinky finger, which was really funny right? why would people want specific pinky finger rings more than usual. Well, thinks are what things are.

Find here a nice selection of iced out rings for an affordable price.

iced out pinky rings for sale

Since most of this stuff is made in china, and people for china is well kown for being small. To find an iced out pinky ring is not that difficult.

Most common rings used in the pinky finger are Signet Rings. This kind of rings go back to the old times when houses or clanes, used to have a symbol or a seal that represent them. They were used as a seal or stamp or just to represent an entire comunity of some kind. Now a days they are just rings with a special “seal” form.

i will gather a good amount of examples in the next few days so you can chose which offer suits you the best.

Hip Hop Urban Tribe

Most usual subset of humanity that uses this kind of jewelry are men, from 16 to 40 years old that loves hip hop culture. You will see rappers, freestylers or hip hop dancers wearing this kind of jewelry and that it’s normal. We will have a full section talking about how this come to be and since when it started. Iced out jewelry normally goes hand to hand with showing good purchasing power and wealth, or at least the idea of… which doesn’t mean that most of the foxs that uses this jewelry are millionares.

Rappers, hip hoppers have tons of trillions of dollars and their jewelry it’s actually made from real diamonds and real GOLD making those pieces SUPER EXPENSIVE (i’m talking about thouthands of dollars a piece) a simple ring can cost 1000 to 10.000 dollars. Crazy right? but worry not, we have normal ppl options. I will gather the best offers here in the next few days.

Iced Out Gold Rings

These are the most common out there, then there are white gold which are normally a little bit expensive and then rose gold which is not the most common piece.

Cuban Chain Link Ring

This is the most common one around, it’s just like your Cuban chain or necklace but in ring shape for your finger. I personally love those!

Lets talk a little about what kind of rings you can find out there.

Different kind of rings

Star shaped

This ring is the most common one nowadays. It’s kind of a signet ring that has a huge star-shaped Head and it’s fully diamond-paved. Star rings are very nice looking and a perfect choice for youth.

Eternity or Round

Eternity or round rings are just common rings, like band rings. You can chose two lane of diamonds, more like a tennis chain, or a simple lane of diamonds. There are big paved rings and micro paved with tons of little gemstones. These are really great choice for a more experience user.

Signet Pinky

Signet rings are not neccesary for your pinky finger but usually most of the people get this one for their pinky fingers. A signet ring, as said before, is a ring with a square/round/some-shaped head. Great choice to show presence or to impose respect.

The cuban Chain link Ring

This is an old time wannted ring. Most beautiful iced out piece there is out there. A chain link alike ring. It’s like if you have a iced out (or not) cuban chain wrapping your finger.