Iced Out Pendants

Oh boy, what a subject. Iced Out Pendant could be consider (if it isn’t already) as the pinaculus of iced out jewellery. The cherry of the pie. I mean, seriously, there are trillions of necklaces pendants.

riche rich iced out pendant
richie rich / gold cuban chain

Different shapes, big, VERY BIG, small, medium. Different themes !! comic characters, weird banners, 100 dollars bills!!!, benjamin franklin FACE (wtf right? awesome one) little lighting bolts, dices, visa’s credit cards… oh men, i could go forever… lion heads, crowns, poker’s hands like a royal flush !!! how cool is that? ..numbers, custom letters, names, butterfly, budah, money bag… let’s save this for a nice list with pictures, makes sense?

There are cheap versions, ultra expensive versions, decent quality/price versions… and of course… terrible chinese fakes and bullshit. Even though now china is showing to the world that they can do something that last in time (covid-19). I trust I WONT chose their iced out pieces over real good american jewelry, you don’t want to have to be looking for your gemstones all around your room homie

So let’s dive in in some of the different

Different types of pendants

Name pendant

You have a massive variety of Iced out custom name pendant to choose out there, let’s find more about these kind of pieces.

Chain pendant

Be awear that you need to think about your chains before getting a pendant, if you are going to buy only the pendant you need to know your bail size. You may get one that is too small to fit, for example, in a 14mm wide cuban chain.


Well, a butterfly pendant is a girly option, they say… but it’s ok. I mean.. you can get one of this if you are men enough. Why not


The most searched buddha pendant out there is: “diamond buddha pendant”. And it’s a beautiful piece, so we dedicated a full-page review for you to have options before buying.

Money bag

Iced out silver money bag is a winner, but there are lots of options here. Let’s review them all.

Some of the most searched options are 14k and 10k money bag pendant. Also, we will talk about its meaning, what actually does a money pendant mean. We will review some diamond options for different iced out pendants and you will be able to finally choose your icy predilect. There are also stainless steel versions that do the job and won’t take you out of budget.


One of the best seller of all times, this pendant is dope. The options we go straight ahead with are:

Tennis chain with an iced out crucifix.

More Pendant types

…to be added in the next few days.

  • Emoji 
  • Jesus 
  • Lightning bolt
  • Pendant and Chain
  • Gengar 
  • Iced out j pendant
  • Grim Reaper
  • Snake 
  • Iced out pendants uk
  • Gun 
  • Maro
  • Boxing Glove