Rope Chains

This is how you do this kind of chains. Take a look because it’s an awesome, highly detailed, and seriously hard Work. An Outstanding work i would say.

A rope chain consist of several small links which pattern the shape of a rope. It’s actually the most easy to recognize of all different kind of chains. This chain is popular within the Hip hop community and was popularized by Golden age rap groups, Run D.M.C. You probably already have one or more than one, this kind of chain can bare any sized pendant and it wont break just like that. Its a really strong piece and an excelent choice for starters.

Cord pattern Chains
Usually this kind of Chains has a cord pattern

Usually this kind of chains are super eye-catching as they look like a cord or a strand, that’s truly amazing. The pattern of this chain links are really difficult to understand and the overall look is like a ROPE which is really awesome.

This is actually one of the best men’s chains out there and you can combine this kind of necklace with any pendant since this is a really strong link you have here. So don’t be afraid to get any huge pendant, this guy will endure any weight for its links are really strong chained.

There is a small entry in wikipedia that talks about rope chains but you will probably get more information out there

Rope chain sizes

There are plenty of sizes to choose and this is entirely up to your taste. Usually this kind of chain is not used as choker but no one tells you not to, if you want to go for it just go. Normally this chain size varies between 20 to 60 inches long, you can wrap it around your neck a couple of times or just leave it hanging low.

extra long cord chain
extra long cord chain

Rope chain silver

Most wanted color is silver or white gold as it resemble a true cord like those you see, for example, in boats. Those strong ropes that tied up boats to the shore, well.. this kind of chains actually look alike those ropes.

silver rope chain
silver chain
Silver 8mm rope chain
Silver 8mm chain

Gold chain 14k

You can chose to get an expensive 14k gold ropechain, they loook dope!

gold rope chain
gold chain

Cross Pendant

Most usual pendant for this chain are the crucifixes, specially  big ones. You can add any pendant you want but these are most seen out there.

rope chain with crucifixes pendant
chain with crucifixes pendant

But take a look at this ak47 pendant, isn’t it awesome?

ak47 pendant
ak47 pendant 

White gold

white gold rope chain
white gold chain


Are this chains good?

There is no doubt this kind of chains have the best links and strength to carry any kind of pendant. So, yes! they are extremely good!

is a This chain strong?

We need to say YES! to this one, this are most strong chains out there, hang any pendant or even tow your car with it (naaaa… just kidding, please don’t tow your car with it and take good care of your iced out jewelry pieces)

can this chain be repaired?

This are difficult chains to repair, you are going to need an experience jewelry craftmen to find out if yours have a fix.

how can you tell if a chain is real gold?

Usually an experienced user can tell by looking at the color of the links of a chain, there is no actual method to know if it’s gold unless you count with proper equiment. Go ahead and ask your friendly jewlman to take a look if you are in doubt of your chain’s material.

How do you measure the thickness of a necklace chain?

There are tools jewelers have to mesure the thickness of a chain, but still can do it with a normal ruler. it may be trickier for a cord chain but still you can do it.

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