Iced Out Chains

Different models and qualities

Iced out chains come in tons of different varieties, from 18mm gold chains to iced out lab diamons you can come across may different materiales/designs and qualities. Often you will see iced out cuban sets that may offer you, for example, an iced out cuban link bracelet and its respective cuban link necklace. We strongly recommend this kind of bundles as they look the same kind of chain (they are made by the same manufacture so they really match in looks, and that’s a good thing right?)

Usually iced out silver chains are the favorite ones, this is actually because white gold iced out cuban chain is really much more eye-catching since white gold is something less common than normal yellow gold. You can search for this beauties just by typing “iced chains” or “iced chain” in google as this are old time common pieces that dates from the begining of hip hop jewelry culture, back in the 80’s and beyond. I still remember this guy from Top Chef season 4 which was taped back then in the 2008, Erik Hopfinger, he does appear with a nice iced out cuban chain in more than one ocation.

So, at the moment of choosing your cban link iced out or not you need to think about the quality of its diamonds which are normally lab diamonds or cubic zirconia gemstones. Don’t fall into the chinease fake iced out cban links, those normally end up falling from your piece. Remember, a nice and cheap iced out cuban link should be around 40 – 80 dollars, dont get one for less than 40 you will be probably getting a terrible fake version.