Types of Chains

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Let’s talk about types of Chains. Most likely you won’t find all these models out there, some of them are really difficult to made and they are made on demand by expert craftsmen. But let’s see each different chain design out there.

Find next a visual menu for different types of Chains, each with a link with more info on each of these.

Cuban Chains types

let me tell you… there’s A looot to talk about Cuban chains, most of the stores offer this item as it’s really popular since forever. Please don’t be fooled, some sites say free chains but you actually end up paying for shipping which most of these cases is not free shipping as they will be charging you for the chain saying it pays only shipping, an old marketing strategy but hey, it’s not that bad. And of course, never give your credit card number if you find a site that says “free chains with free shipping” that’s crazy talking homie.

custom chains
Chains (custom or not)

So, should you get a Cuban link?

YES! these are the best of the best and if they are iced out better! with a nice iced out Cuban link or spiked Cuban link, you will go from zero to hero in your hood, just go crazy with this one. Get one in gold, another in white gold and if you feel like it, get also one rose gold, any of these chains are fully combinable with your other iced out jewelry, mark my words.

What is the Cuban chain type?

As you may or may not know Felix Delgado, better known by his stage name Cuban Link, is a Cuban American rapper and original member of Terror Squad and of course, this is not what a Cuban link actually is, lol. The Cuban link is an item that managed to stick around for a long time but somehow found it’s way to the top of the “wish list” for many individuals as of lately. It is a highly desired timeless style and design, and everyone seems to want one nowadays. Cuban chains and bracelets do not come at a cheap price, but we will of course try to bring you the best options to the table. Let us show you with Cuban link images what is this item actually looks like so you can decide by yourself if you dig into it or not.

There are trillions of different models, with small diamonds, just plain gold or white gold, also rose gold or silver. Sometimes 18k gold plated which are actually pretty decent, or silver plated. In any case, this is the main item you should go for. It will make you god of your hood, just try to get one really thick. You can get them from small 8mm wide up to almost 30mm wide. Also be aware, if you buy a standalone pendant, that your pendant’s bail needs to be thought to fit your chain’s wide.

Tennis Chain type

What is it?

These are dope! you can get a nice variety of chains. Links can be baguette gemstones or big rusty diamonds. You can get them in different widths. And you can, of course, combine these beauties with any other chain.

Rope Chain Type

coming soon…

Box Chain Type

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